The Book

Table of Contents

1-      List of illustrations

2-      Acknowledgments

3-      Glossary of Terms

4-      Abstract

5-      Introduction: Alexandra the actress

6-      Spatial narratives

7-      Jacmel historic district- city of portals

8-      Spatial narratives: view in a room

9-      History of storytelling in Haiti

10-  Imagined future narrative

11-  Tourism in the Caribbean and Jacmel

12-  4 days in Jacmel: ‘A time to live eternally’

13-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): The Carnaval Procession

14-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): The Lover’s Lane and Descending Pergola (Staircase into Underground)

15-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): Underneath the Plaza

16-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): Hadriana on the Balcony leads us to the Oath of the Ancestors

17-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): Dreams and Awakenings/ Above-Below from Oath of the Ancestors to Kote yo fè Zafè yo-Where they do their things

18-  Project (Arch. Images +Text): Garden on the Caribbean Side

19-  Conclusion

20-  Footnotes/Endnotes and Bibliography

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