A symphony in Four Movements

The novel “Hadriana in all My dreams” which has inspired me to think a lot about story telling throughout this thesis, is written in musical movements. A movement is  “a major structural unit perceived as the result of the coincidence of relatively large numbers of structural phenomena” (Spencer & Temko (1988). Form in Music, p.31).

Hadriana in all my Dreams is wrtten in 3 movements. Classical music is however also written in 4 movements: the first movement in a symphony to be allegro and in sonata form, the second andante or adagio, the third a fast scherzo or a Menuett, and the fourth a lively allegro (Wikipedia).

I have decided to use that same structure in order to frame my thesis, which will contain 4 movements. The first one, “Hadriana in All my Dreams” in which I illustrate an excerpt of the novel, the second “Le Manoir Alexandra” covering existing conditions, the third “Oath of the Ancestors” showing the importance of bringing back history, and finally the fourth movement where I introduce my own architectural intervention “Jacmel, a time to live eternally” (subject to change).

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