[Serment des Ancetres] in the Louvre Museum

The picture at the bottom right,  is the only one I have found so far of the painting Le Serment des Ancetres exhibited in le Louvre. Laurent Lamothe, current Haitian Chancellor was in France recently and had the opportunity to visit Le Louvre and see the painting. The exhibition “The Museum World” curated by writer J.M. Le-Clezio ends on February 6th. Here is the official link to the exhibition: http://www.louvre.fr/en/expositions/louvre-invites-j-m-g-le-clezio-%E2%80%93-museum-world

This post follows ideas for an exhibition of Le Serment des Ancetres in Le Manoir Alexandra. See older post: Oath of the Ancestors/Serment des Ancêtres