Haiti rebrands itself but getting there will cost more

Recent article published in the Miami Herald regarding Haiti and tourism:


Taking in the scenic streetscape and French colonial-style buildings, Tiffany looked on in awe.

“Crumbling grandeur,” she said of the city known as the birthplace of Venezuela’s flag. “You can tell this was once a bustling city with lots going on, the architecture is beautiful, it’s just falling apart.”

These are the kinds of visitors, Chauvet said the government hopes to attract as it finalizes plans to lengthen Jacmel airport’s runway to allow for regional jets.

“Haiti is not for everyone,” he said. “It is for the experienced travelers; those who will appreciate our uniqueness and the feeling one gets. It’s not for the typical Caribbean traveler that only needs sun and beach. People want to see more.”

A potent cocktail of palm trees, poets … and peace

Picture Source: Wikipedia

Tracy Chevalier, author of world-acclaimed “Girl with a Pearl Earring” discovered paradise while sipping rum on her hotel verandah. An Article on TheIndependent.co.uk: A Potent Cocktail of Palm Trees, Poets… and Peace