La Joconde & Golden Ratio

A la fin de 1946, à mon arrivée à Paris, je me précipitai, haletant, au musée du Louvre, vers la célèbre toile de Leonardo, comme au premier rendez-vous pris loin de Jacmel avec Nana Siloé. J’en fus profondément décú. La Joconde était bien le chef-d’oeuvre d’un peintre génial, mais, comparée à la jeune fille de mon souvenir, elle semblait plutôt ricaner, sans aucun feu intérieur.

Hadriana dans Tous mes Rêves | René Dépestre

Haitian Chancellor Laurent Lamothe at the Louvre Museum during an official visit of the exhibition of Le Serment des Ancêtres:, property of the Musée National d’Haiti.

Spiral stairs at the Louvre museum in Paris, France: 

Spiral stairs at l’Habitation Leclerc in Port-au-Prince, Haïti: 

Anghelen drawing of iron-laced spiral staircases in Jacmel:

Old Pergola in Jacmel’s Place d’Armes

Bringing the pergola back to Place d’Armes as the entry-way to an underground museum

Place d’Armes… explorations

In Progress; Main Concern…. I would like to propose a scheme where half of the plaza (right triangle) has more greenery… however… how do I propose more greenery when the roots of the trees might not allow me to occupy the underground? I want to use the underground of the plaza to make allusion to light/darkness again and also to make allusion to the ‘hidden treasure’ that was believed to have been the reason (warning/ rumor ) why the government ordered the redesign of the Place d’Armes. All those stories are important to this design process. The place d’Armes was established as soon as the French settled in “Yaquimo” (old name for Jacmel) so it is also important for me to keep that history alive, perhaps by retracing the lines of the plaza on the ceiling underground (more ‘mood/atmospheric’ drawings to come soon!)…. I would also like to receive any feedback on this issue! Please feel free to share… Thank you!

Link the Museum space to the underground level of the surrounding civic buildings? (I wonder if those buildings even have an underground level… ) But that would be a great way to provide additional exit-ways.