Manoir Alexandra

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“What would Jacmel be without the Manoir Alexandra, the mythical backdrop of René Depestre’s novel Hadriana in All My Dreams? What would Jacmel be without the warm, sleepy afternoons in teh Rue du Commerce? What would the city be without the permanent conversation between the murmurs from teh St James and St Philip Church and the incessant hubbub of hte Iron Market? What would this rebellious city, with its tumultuous past, be without its old prison, its City Hall, its Boucard, Dougé or Cadet houses, its Masonic Lodge, its wooden houses in Bel-Air, its Marina, its Haitian Pharmacy, etc.? […] Jacmel also still has the vestiges of the colonial defence system, including the ruis of the great fort that defended the entry to the harbour along with the ramparts, the ‘Petite Batterie’ and the Beliot Fort. (Bulletin de l’ISPAN)

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