Collaboration, Spirit of Teamwork and Community

Central to Jacmel’s burgeoning recovery has been a sense of pride long associated with the city. Jacmelians, as residents call themselves, view themselves independent of Haiti. And many took it upon themselves to clean up the rubble from the streets and their property, and not wait for foreign aid workers to do so.

“Jacmelians, they put their heads together,” said Archille Laguerre, the local leader of Camp Mayard. “Why? They have a spirit of collaboration, a spirit of teamwork and community.”

Huffington Post: Jacmel, Haitian Tourist Town, Rebounding Post-Quake

2010-09-28-leNouvellisteDesagriculteursvenusdediffrentescommunesdeJacmel.jpgFarmers from different communes of the South-East, meeting in Jacmel. Photo: Le Nouvelliste

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